Looking Forward

CORRECTION: In the interest of caution, we are extending our closure through March 26th. Guests with upcoming reservations will be given a chance to reschedule or cancel as best fits their needs. While we look forward to having you see all the wonderful changes we've been making, your safety and that of our staff is more important.

Thank you!


As COVID-19 makes itself known across the US we, like many other businesses, have taken the necessary steps to help contain it in our corner of the world.

Rainbow Mountain Resort closed after Latin weekend and remains closed at least through March 19th. During this closure, we've been focused on deep cleaning as well as implementing major renovations that were already in the works. Every inch of the resort has been scrubbed and sanitized so that when we reopen, you'll know that it's safe to return. In addition, our staff has taken advantage of the warming weather to prepare the cabins for the Spring opening. I don't know about you, but a cabin in the woods is sounding mighty appealing right about now!

As of right now, these March events are still scheduled:

  • March 20 - 22: Feeling Groovy Weekend - canceled

  • March 21: Flower Power Tie-Dye Party - canceled

  • March 27 - 29: INK'D Weekend

  • March 27: Do it in the Dark Party

Looking forward, April is taking shape with:

  • April 3 - 5: Spring Camper's Weekend

  • April 24 - 26: Trans Weekend

Then we'll be kicking our busiest season into high gear with the Rainbow Festival. The full schedule of events for this weekend will be revealed in the coming weeks, but that doesn't mean you should wait to book your stay!

And we're cranking up the heat even higher with INDULGE Bisexual weekend, including a mermaid show, social mixer, panel, pool party and more

Use code INDULGE when booking to get 15% off rooms from June 5 - 7th


Personally, looking ahead has always helped me get through the stress of today. I know that's hard when the whole world seems to be in a panic. Stay informed, but turn off the news once in a while (it's bad for your health). Take precautions, but don't hoard (you're not the only one in need). Check on your friends and family, especially those who might already have compromising health issues.

And if you're sick, don't wait to get checked out. This world is better with you in it.

- Jessie G

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